Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My favorite things . . .

I can't believe this photo turned out so well. My wellies were on top of a windsor stool in my vestibule. I had just returned from the grocery store with my favorite apples ~ Ginger Gold from upstate New York. They snap when you bite them and are so tart and juicy. The best! This one had especially nice color so I sat it down in front of my favorite boots and snapped away.

I am very pleased with the way the apple "pops" against the dark background. I hope these apples are available for a long time. They are unwaxed and don't have those awful stickers. Just the way I like them.

Pretty soon I will be wearing these wellies each time I go out for a walk. The fall season will soon be in full swing. I am putting all the gardens to bed and am looking forward to another blogging season. My first one (summer 2008) was fabulous. I hope you will join me for my next chapter!

I am very happy that all of my favorite TV shows are starting up again too.


Gal Friday said...

That photo is like a painting!!(says the lady whose own photos are always fuzzy and turn out pretty bad)

Bettsi said...

You, my friend, have an eye for photography. Love that!

I also like the Andy Warhol quote. Thank you.

Candy said...

What a beautiful photograph! I wish I could find some unwaxed apples here.