Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cottage love . . .

I have always loved the watercolor of this wonderful stone and brick vine-covered cottage with a tile roof. It is on the cover of one of my ancient address books. I hope this is a real home somewhere ~ preferably in England. I wouldn't change a thing. It is absolutely perfect with a chimney on each gable end, a shaped hedge, wooden gate, brick walls for the garden, simple board and batten front door, and windows with brick surrounds. I think it would be low maintenance too. I am quite sure the interior is filled with 18th century antiques!

I don't have petunias this year. This photo was taken in my garden last summer.

Content in a Cottage


Homo Sapiens Petrolerus said...

Hello Rosemary!
I stumbled into your Blog, due to some comment you made on a site showing fantastic photos from Jupiter and it's surrounding moons.
It sure was worthwhile visiting your "cottage", I somehow "saw myself reflected" in the way you describe the simple stories you've posted . Somehow we have the same taste for details that surround us. Congratulations for your blogs' design.
I too have a sort of blog of my own (www.goiva19.spaces.live.com), though it's written in a language you'll probably won't understand...I'll try to include a translator in the near future as you did in your own. There are lots of pictures to see though ,just click on INSTANTESDISTANTES on the top left of the page!
Sorry about this long "letter", have fun,

Content in a Cottage said...

Frederico...Thanks for your words of praise about my humble blog. I am having such fun with it and find that I am getting an international fan base. Glad you found me! I watched your slides and your photographs are great.

Lynn said...

Thought I would leave you a note this morning so you know I check your blog! The sun is just coming out in the Berkshires after a morning sprinkle but I did find time to weed my garden. The black-eyed susans are blooming now. I will send photo.

Content in a Cottage said...

Lynn...You are missing hazy, hot, and humid weather in New Jersey. The overnight rain has turned my property into a jungle and I just can't make myself fire up the mower. Maybe in the cool of the evening when there is no direct sun. Please save me some of the deadheads of your blackeyed susans and I will sow the seeds for next year. ♥Rosemary

Homo Sapiens Petrolerus said...

Thanks Rosemary, I´m glad you liked my fotos, although we're living these awfull petrolerus times, there are still some advantages of globalisation, hopefully we can have some fun through Internet!! See you around,