Thursday, March 31, 2011

Goodnight ~ Day is Done

The sun will be setting soon and I'll be trading my computer for the television. I do love a good reflection and this is a great one. I put some new batteries in my remote in the bedroom and what a difference. I actually called for a technician to come out to the house because of the poor performance lately of the DVR but it's all fixed now. So happy.

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Best Sliding Board Ever

Can't you almost hear the squeals of delight from the little children shooting down this very high wooden sliding board? I love the juxtaposition of the tiny little girl and the elderly gentleman. Both of their expressions are priceless. This photograph is simply wonderful and brings back such great memories of the dangers of childhood. They are all but taken away these days. The wooden things at playgrounds are being replaced by plastic so kids don't get splinters. I'm all for safety but I think children are somewhat overprotected now. Click on the image to enlarge and get the full effect. What fun! 

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Eye-Dazzling Red and White Quilt

This is one of the quilts that was exhibited in New York City at the Park Avenue Armory. I don't have any information on this particular quilt but I really admire this monumental graphic design that makes me dizzy and a little woozy when I look at the photo. The display lasted only 5 days and there were 650 quilts -- all red and white. I saw a short segment on Martha Stewart and learned that this color combination was the most popular because the dye formula that was used made the red fabric the most stable color of all. This must be true because I don't see any fading or running in all of the quilts that were on view. I didn't go in person but I've seen many photos...including those sent to me via iPhone by a friend.

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Portrait of a King Vulture

This King Vulture is so ugly he's beautiful. What a great portrait taken at Riverbanks Zoo Botanical Garden in Columbia, South Carolina. Be afraid people, he's got his 'eye' on you. Click photo to enlarge for maximum fright.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Little Prince Pillowcase + Rubber Stamp Set

Just look at this adorable hand-embroidered pillowcase by Claudia Marchán. She made it for her nephew who lives in France. Translation: "Sweet dreams little prince WiWi"

Hand-made presents really are the best, aren't they?

I found someone who made this hand-carved set of rubber stamps from line drawings in the book 'Le Petit Prince" -- I don't know if they are for sale or not. Finding out is up to you. Please let me know if the answer is yes.

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Outdoor Lunch Beside The Shed

It won't be long before we can dine outside and I can't wait. Even leftovers taste better when you make the effort to set up your dining table in the garden, beside the shed, on the deck or just about anywhere in the open air. via

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Green Is The Arbor of My Dreams

I have completely gotten over wanting everything I see -- except for this arbor.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm Sleeping in this White Bedroom Tonight

I had a great day today and hope you did too. I've chosen this as my virtual bedroom for tonight. Webster will have to change his fur from brown to white too. Anything is possible in the virtual world. Isn't it a beautiful room? Or maybe Webster can just sleep on the brown chair -- I hadn't thought of that possibility. Goodnight. See you tomorrow.

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H. T. Lindeberg, Architect. 1916 House on My Tour



I saw this landmark property built in 1916 today on the broker open house tour. I've been admiring it ever since I moved to New Jersey in 1973 so this was an opportunity not to be missed. It was grand in scale yet very livable.

An elegant vintage mansion located in the Historic District of Morristown, built during the "Gilded Age." Designed by H.T. Lindeberg, one of America's most prominent 20th Century domestic architects. Unique location offering privacy with 25 acres of conservation land in back plus walk-to-town and library convenience in front. Great detailing -- deep decorative moldings, high ceilings, transom windows, sweeping staircase and landings, 7 fireplaces, 9 family bedrooms, 6 full baths and 2 half baths, in-law apartment, updated kitchen with adjoining breakfast room, mudroom/laundry off kitchen. Price: $2,675,000. Taxes: $49,019. I can show it to you if you are interested.

Often noted as "H.T. Lindeberg", Harrie was one of the greatest residential architects to ever practice in the US. The former McKim, Mead and White employee and assistant to Stanford White had a keen eye for what was both warm and commanding in tone.

Book -- Domestic Architecture of H. T. Lindeberg by Acanthus Press. Introduction by Mark Alan Hewitt

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Charming Cottage

Heidi Claire  I'm off to my weekly office meeting this morning with open house tours afterwards. I hope there is something amazing to view. The spring market is well under way even though all the snow has not yet melted and it's really cold. I'll see you later.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Great Bedroom for Summer

Wouldn't this be the perfect summer bedroom? I'd sleep with the doors open and go outside to look at the stars if I woke up in the night. I'd go outside to stretch when I first got up in the morning. I'd drink my coffee there too. I love it. via

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650 Red and White Quilts at Park Ave Armory NYC

Free to the public. On display March 25-30, 2011
Park Avenue Armory, New York City

This special exhibit has a very short run which is such a shame. Five days is not long enough!!! When will you ever get another chance to see so many red and white quilts in one place so beautifully displayed? It's free too. Are you going? Read a great article about these quilts in the online edition of the Wall Street Journal.

You can download the FREE App for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod showing all the quilts in the exhibit in case you can't attend in person. How cool is that?

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Gray and White Farmhouse Kitchen to Love

I think these under-counter cabinets are great. I like them flush to the floor without the toe plate which is completely unnecessary. I know because mine are like this too and I find that my toes never get in the way. via

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Deer at Dusk at My Cottage

I really feel sorry for the white-tailed deer this time of year. The green shoots are just starting to appear in the woods and the skunk cabbage is starting to come up in the wet areas. They must be so hungry for there is still a lot of unmelted snow on the ground. It won't be long now before they have lots to nibble on after a long hard winter. I snapped this photo from my bedroom window just a short while ago.

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Pink Ranunculus Flowers

Pure pink and green elegance. These delicate pink ranunculus are also called Persian buttercups. Wouldn't this be the perfect bouquet to send to parents of a new baby girl?

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Loch Lomond, Scotland

"Oh! ye'll take the high road and
I'll take the low road and
I'll be in Scotland afore ye." 

(Hear here -- music, lyrics and bagpipes)
View from the high road 'Bonnie Banks O' Loch Lomond' Scotland via National Geographic.

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17th Century Chesterton Windmill UK

The windmill on legs is one of Warwickshire's most famous landmarks, standing on a hilltop overlooking the village of Chesterton for nearly 350 years. It was built in 1632-1633, probably by Sir Edward Peyto, who was Lord of the Chesterton Manor House. At this time John Stone, a pupil of Inigo Jones, was in Chesterton, designing the new Manor House, and he probably helped with the Windmill as well. Sir Edward was a mathematician and astrologer and probably his own architect to the windmill, but although claims have been made that the tower was originally built as an observatory, the estate accounts now at Warwick Record Office show that it has always been a windmill making it the earliest tower mill in England to retain any of its working parts.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nutella Mug Cake for Microwave

This looks like a good recipe to have on hand for unexpected company or a must-have-chocolate attack. If you don't have any self-rising flour on hand you can make your own: 1 cup flour, 1/2 tsp salt, and 1 1/2 tsp baking powder.
found here You should definitely click on this link and read the comments below the post. This one is my favorite: "Will you people stop with the calorie thing??? Its CAKE, people! No one says you HAVE to eat it, and no one said it was a “diet cake”…….."
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Poor Kitten with A Broken Arm

This adorable photo of a sleeping kitten with a pink cast on her broken arm was first published on Cute Overload in 2008 but it's new to me. It really is one on the cutest pictures ever, agreed? 

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Watercolor of a Room with Books + Antiques

This painting is signed lower left but I can't read the name. I'd love to know more about the artist and the owner of this lovely antique filled reading room. It's wonderful, isn't it?

More information just provided by a reader...thanks so much.

Painted by Norwegian artist Harriet Backer (1845-1932). The room is The Library of Thorval Boeck. via Gatochy on Flickr

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Cat Sleeping on the Porch Swing

I hope you can do some quality relaxing on the porch swing this weekend. I found this wonderful cat doing just that on The Animal Blog.

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Dachshund Fun

I've been running around in circles all week so that I can relax and have fun tonight and all weekend. I thought this dachshund image would encourage you to chase your tail and get everything done too. 

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Purse Love

Love these purses patches and all. Do want! via

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