Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sunshine Award

Yesterday Debbie of Strings of Purls presented me with this Sunshine Award. Thank you so much. Now I have to pass the torch to a few of my most loyal friends who comment regularly (both publicly and privately) so here goes.

Cassandra of Cassandra Considers
Crush Party
Robin of Decorating Tennis Girl
Tina of Gal Friday The first blogger I "met" on the Internet.
Jill of Jill Morris Design Personal friend with no blog. Wonderful designer with the best taste. Loves antiques.
Leslie of La Maison Fou
Marilyn of Room on the Left
Stacey of Stacey Snacks Personal friend. Best cook and hostess. Loves antiques.
Debbie of Strings of Purls Made me do this!
Millie of The Laurel Hedge She made me an honorary Australian.

Now I'm supposed to leave a comment on each blog and suggest that the "sunshine" be passed on. That might take a while. Thanks again Debbie.

Content in a Cottage
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Stacey Snacks said...

Thank you for my sunshine award!
I am honored!, though when do you think the sun will come out????

teaorwine said...

So awesome! Many thanks, Rosemary.
Off for a celebratory glass of iced tea.

Pammy said...

Thanks for bringing Sunshine into my day!

AshTreeCottage said...

Thank you Rosemary and dear Webster too! Your blog has entertained, amused, informed and challenged me each time I visit. It's a real pleasure visiting the two of you and I appreciate your thoughtfulness!!

Lots of love,
Susan and Bentley

PS: Now I just have to figure out how to copy and paste the award with my Mac so that I can pass it on.

Sabina said...

Thank you so much Rosemary!! So very sweet of you to think of me. I was just thinking of you yesterday and that I needed to stop by and see what you and Webster have been up to. ;) You really have one of the best blogs out there - so much wonderful and entertaining info!!

Have a wonderful day my dear blogging friend!!

Sabina ~

Millie said...

Thank you dear Rosemary, what a lovely surprise! You know you & your beautiful blog are very special to me. I'm totally addicted to your daily vignettes on life!
Millie ^_^

The Queen Vee said...

Ah Rosemary, so kind of you to include me. You bring sunshine and a whole lot more into my life daily. I thoroughly enjoy your fabulous blog.

Champagne/StitchPoet/CrushParty said...

SHUT. UP. Get outta town Rose, you are a dear! You know, thank yous and kudos always come at the right time. Just when you think nobody's lookin' or nobody cares...You are a dear! My hugs ooo, My kisses xxx, and My stitches vvv, all for you today.
fanks arot girlfrin! and right back atcha!

Gal Friday said...

Your blog truly deserves this award--always a spot of sunshine when I visit here.

I didn't realise I was the first blogger you "met" here at Blogger?! I feel honored.

And...even though I have been remiss in acknowledging and thanking you for passing the award on to me, I want to let you know I am honored, as well, that you thought to pass the award onto me!
I will have to blog about it soon(and get a chance to browsw the blogs of the other bloggers you have links to here)