Saturday, January 26, 2013

YES to Boxwood in Pots Flanking Stairs

This looks amazing. I've never had luck with boxwood in cement pots. My zone must be too cold. These terra cotta pots wouldn't stand a chance either. They would blow up immediately. I still love the way this looks. The staff here can simply put them away to winter over in the greenhouse if this estate is in an unprotected cold zone. Sigh. via


Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, so lovely. And, there is nothing like aged terra cotta pots. They blend with nature so well.
Thank you, Rosemary, for bring us to another special place.

donna baker said...

Italian terra cotta holds up much better to heaving. Mexican terra cotta slakes off and cracks easily. I grow boxwood in pots and shape into topiary birds. They do wonderfully and stay green all winter when around my farm there is little green. Most are in faux cement plastic containers.

teaorwine said...

I too have moved to faux cement pots. They hold up better in freezing temps and are simply much lighter when one needs to relocate them. The texture and esthetic appeal has vastly improved over the years.

These are just lovely with the boxwood plantings.

best, teaorwine (Sharon)

Garden, Home and Party said...

I love boxwood and this display is fabulous. I wonder how difficult it is to keep them so perfect.