Sunday, January 13, 2013

Can A Basement Laundry Room Be Beautiful?

This transformed laundry room is in Norway and the website is in Norwegian. Thank goodness for Google Translate! 

The original basement laundry was dark and dreary. It had the only the washer and dryer but no storage or work space. The room did not have a sink with running running water for hand washing sweaters and such. It does look pretty dismal doesn't it? The couple kept the original cement floor and painted it with a checker board design.

Don't you love the hand-made linen closet? Instead of spending a lot of money on new furniture, the owners chose to invest in recycling. Two old doors they found in a thrift store for building materials were the starting point for the custom linen cupboard. The hull was made of particle board and moldings were used for trim. The large cabinet holds a lot and is one of the things the owners are most satisfied with in their laundry room. More photos and text here. It's amazing, isn't it?

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The Queen Vee said...

What a beautiful soothing work space, very well done. That cupboard in the corner is perfection. I love the floor.