Saturday, August 18, 2012

Slow Down August

Are you all decked out for the next to the last weekend of August? Really! I just looked at my calendar and was shocked. Slow down August. I'm not nearly ready for you to end.

I've said it once and I'll say it again, "I love real antiques in the kitchen." See more of this delightful Swedish summer house here.

Ferns Unfurling

I adore this photo of fiddleheads unfurling. Found here.

A Chest with Many Drawers

Here is another great chest with lots of drawers. I'm beginning to think every home needs one based on the response I got from a multi-drawer chest I featured recently. Do you prefer drawers or cubbies?
Have a great weekend. We had rain all night but it stopped before I got up this morning. It is cooler too. See you later. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Have A Great Weekend

I love this oar converted to a wall-mounted coat rack. This looks like an easy DIY project. It's perfect for displaying the things of summer. via

Country Living Photo of a 24" Aga Range

Here is that photo I was looking for but couldn't find until a reader told me she was sure I saw it on page 79 of the July-August 2012 issue of Country Living magazine. She was right and it was on my coffee table. Doesn't this baby Aga look great?
my iPhone photo

Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake: WANT!

If I had blueberries in the house, this would be in my oven right now. Recipe here.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

French Lavender Fields

This photograph is almost too beautiful for words. I love the simplicity of the architecture and the beauty of the surroundings. via

Martha's Vineyard poster

I had one of the best vacations I've ever had when I took a two week photography workshop on Martha's Vineyard in the late 1970s. I rented a tiny cottage in Menemsha called The Paint Box and I drove there all by myself from New Jersey with 2 dogs and a cat. We almost missed the ferry too. It was so much fun. I like the Vineyard better than Nantucket because of the variety. The towns are so diverse! Which of those islands off Cape Cod do you prefer?

The Aga Range Had a Baby: GaGa Aga

I saw a photo of a baby Aga in a cream color in a lovely kitchen recently and could never locate it again. I did a google image search and found some wonderful information over at Apartment Therapy. This tiny baby range or cooker is made to supplement a larger Aga but the Aga Companion can also be used alone. This baby has already been weaned! At only 24" wide, the Companion is the perfect stove for a small apartment or cottage, yet it still has two ovens and four burners. They're made of cast iron and available in 15 different colors from dark chocolate brown to a bright and vivid turquoise.
I often blog about these Aga cookers to great response. I think this is the best thing I've read about in ages, don't you? It's dual fuel too. I want this baby!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Extremely Early Bookmobile

I wish I could read the name of the city. This has got to be one of the earliest bookmobiles ever, right? It's so nice to see the children are more interested in checking out books than sliding down the slide.
UPDATE: It's circa 1917 somewhere in Minnesota. Found here.

Great Wall of Antiquarian Books

Oh My. Teleport me there. Now.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Life's Little Instruction Book | Volume II | Page 52


I like all of these. Sage advice from our favorite father.

What would you put in 24 drawers?

I love this look but I'm afraid they would all end up as junk drawers. You could alphabetize them with the last one being XYZ. via

Monday, August 13, 2012

Life's Little Instruction Book | Volume II | Page 52


It's been too long since I created a page from this wonderful book to inspire you. I like all of these suggestions from a father to his college-bound son.

I've Been Jumping Off Cliffs

and exercising my wings ever since Friday. So far I haven't crashed to the ground. Good things are happening and so far I have everything under control. image from here

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Webster Peeking and Flirting


Who needs words? The eyes say it all. All of his looks translate as 'is it time to eat?' or 'can we go for a walk?'

Are you a fan of open shelving?

I love the look in this particular kitchen. The cutout shelf supports are very nice as are the dishes. I have open shelves in my pantry and there are two windows in the room. Thank goodness it isn't a place that is often viewed close up because the dust is pretty deep in there. via