Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hooked Rug with Not Quite White Owls

Not Quite White
21" x 27"
#8 and #6 cut wool on linen 
Designed and hooked by 
Karen Larsen
Crows’s Foot Farm Designs 
Elliottsburg, Pennsylvania 

I recently reconnected with an old friend from this area who now lives in Pennsylvania. She has been hooking since 2006 and one of her original rug designs is on the November/December 2012 cover of Rug Hooking Magazine
Read about why these owls are "Not Quite White" in a portion of the article Creating White from Colors. I think she did a wonderful job, don't you? Her home was just photographed for an upcoming feature in Rug Beat. The owl rug looks beautiful on her dining room wall.


westernreservebutlerspantry said...

Wow, that's impressive! Beautiful rug. My husband built an owl house a couple of years ago . We keep waiting and hoping for an owl to make it their home.

Rebecca said...


laney said... this!...keeping you safe in my heart and prayers rosemary...blessings laney

Beth said...

As an oil painter, I've learned that when one paints a white object, you seldom have any areas of pure white in it. This was a strange idea to me at first, but using all pure white creates a surface that appears flat. It has been amusing to discover the rainbow of colors you can use and still have an object appear white.