Saturday, September 1, 2012

I made an etching from a photo

I'm having fun playing with an app called ETCHINGS I bought this morning for 99¢. This is the July 4th photo I made in my kitchen transformed with the app. There are lots of other possibilities too. This is now used to celebrate the Labor Day holiday.


tammy j said...

you are so techno gifted!
i admire that.
i bought a new flatscreen tv and still can't figure out how to get the dvd player to work with it...
and yes! i've read the instructions... i think they are in greek. but i will get it eventually. luckily i don't watch it much. although cannot wait for downton abbey to begin!!! yay.

Content in a Cottage said...


I don't watch as many DVDs as I used to since it is so easy to watch things on the computer.

My DVD player is connected to my TV by an "S-Video" cable. When I watch a dvd I have to select the "source" as S-Video. I bought the cable at Radio Shack.

Here is a tutorial:

You might be able to find a YouTube tutorial as well to use the cables you already have.

Don't forget to change the "source" when you are finished watching a DVD should you decide to use the S-Video connection.

Let me know if you have success.
I am very technically inclined and I'm so glad. The connection ports on my little flat screen in my bedroom require contortionist positions and mirrors :).
If I ever have to change anything I take a photo of the current setup in case I have to go back to it. Really!!!

xo, Rosemary

humbird said...

The original photo of your clever food art is very cool. I would think you could make prints/cards from it as it really is an arty piece - well done :) It would make a lovely little print for the kitchen.
As you can tell, I do like it!

And, the etching app gives it a very funky edge. It now looks like an illustration.

I love both renderings. Not bad for creating, "the only thing I could come up with quickly".

Not bad at all :)