Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Replies Aren't Being Sent

If you haven't registered your email address on your Blogger profile I can no longer reply directly to you after you leave a comment. Those emails aren't going through and are being bounced back to me. From now on if your email address shows as: noreply-comment[at] I will leave a reply in the comments section. xo, Rosemary


Garden, Home and Party said...

I'm having trouble sending comments to some of my Blogger blogs that I read regularly. I don't know why, but my IT guy (oldest son is coming for a visit in a couple of weeks so I'm hopeful he can fix the issue on my end.

Content in a Cottage said...

It must be a Google problem that's out of our control.
I've never had NoReply comment replies returned before.

tammy j said...

i didn't know you reply back!
i always feel like we've talked even after i've read the post.
i've just spent the most wonderful afternoon going through your blog archives... one at a time from the beginning.
i am so relaxed right now. there is a little magic here somewhere.
now am going to get ready for the evening and settle in to watch masterpiece theatre with lewis and hathaway solving the big murder.
tammy j

Content in a Cottage said...

I stopped watching swimming last night to watch Inspector Lewis too. I love the show and the Oxford setting.