Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Breakfast at My Cottage

We all slept very late this morning. I almost never get the chance but today my feet didn't hit the floor until 9:30 and it was wonderful. The animals have all been fed and the coffee is made. People will be fed last, as usual. We had an early morning shower that cooled things off a bit and my a/c was turned off before bed so all is well in my neck of the woods with 77 degrees at mid-morning. I'm not bragging, just saying. I know so many of you are sweltering. Try to run through the sprinkler or something like that to cool off in a fun way. See you later. Piggy has discovered the ottoman fan and he loves it. Happy July 4th everyone!!!
[my iPhone  photo of Tabitha and her cute cat dish]


Garden, Home and Party said...

Don't you love mornings like this, no rush, no fuss, just a content feeling that today is wonderful. 77 degrees, that is what I call "perfect weather". Enjoy!

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

I'm glad you got to sleep in a bit this morning. The little things truly are sometimes the best things!! We're very blessed with central air in the house and a pool in the backyard. We recently took a trip to D.C. (from NY) without a/c in the car and I wouldn't wish having to deal with this heat on anybody. I just said to my husband when we got home the other day that we are so incredibly blessed to have a/c and a pool and the money in the bank to fix the car's air. : )

~ Wendy

tammy j said...

i could almost feel the cool air and the non-rush of your lovely rain refreshed morning.
i have forgotten what rain smells and feels like. must work on my dance because it's not working.
have a wonderful 4th in
the most contented and enchanting cottage i know!
tammy j