Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tree Sampler Enlarged

[Click Photo to Enlarge]
I enlarged this lovely sampler on my iPad and took a screen shot.
I see now that it was created in 2008.
Will the artist please step forward so I can give proper credit?
I love this sampler so much!
How did I take a screen shot with my iPad?
All you do is push the home button and the off button simultaneously.
You will hear that lovely shutter sound.
Photo is saved to your camera roll. I cropped it later on Picasa.
Don't you love learning new things?
This works on the iPhone too.
Angela a.k.a LadyHawthorne to the rescue again. She found this sampler pattern at Rosewood Manor. It is called "And A Forest Grew" and the price is a very reasonable $17.50.


ladyhawthorne said...

Found it! It's still available.

macareuxmoine said...

Brilliant you two found it! Very beautiful indeed. Anyone else to stitch it?