Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Portrait of Queen Elizabeth by Pietro Annigoni

'Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Regent' by Pietro Annigoni, 1954-5.
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I love this portrait; she looks very Napoleonic, doesn't she?

"The Queen: Art and Image," organized by the National Portrait Gallery, comes to London following a highly successful tour to Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff.
“The Queen is the most represented individual in history, but she remains an enigma. All we really have are images. This exhibition explores the creation of the queen’s public persona and the way such images reveals a world of changing ideas and values,” said Paul Moorhouse, curator of "The Queen: Art and Image," and 20th-century curator at the National Portrait Gallery. Read more...


The Queen Vee said...

I've been glued to the BBC this morning watching the grand finale. No one does ceremony better than the Brits. So sad that Prince Phillip fell ill, I'm sure the Queen missed his presence by her side immensely. I doubt there will ever be another Diamond Jubilee of a British Monarch. It's for sure there will never be another like Elizabeth II, what a blessing for Great Britian that Edward abdicated. "Long live the Queen"

By the way, I love this painting of her.

tammy j said...

this is one of my favorite paintings of her. such resolve in that face. i think she's beautiful.
and the love she and prince phillip have for each other is moving indeed. things finally seem happy and settled in her personal world. like everybody grew up!
i'm like queen vee above, i stayed on cnn with piers morgan (love him!)all morning. he's doing a re-cap on his show tonight for those who missed it. or want to see it again.
tammy j

Bonnie said...

I think she is absolutely beautiful! Bonnie

Garden, Home and Party said...

I think she looks regal and beautiful in this painting. I have thoroughly enjoyed the television coverage of all of the festivities. I hope Phillip is recovering without issue.

jean@pilgrimscottage said...

This is a lovely painting of Queen Elizabeth.

Stella said...

The Queen's sense of duty and pride comes out in this portrait. Very striking.