Sunday, June 3, 2012

No Mow Cottage

I'm drawn to this image since I spent the better part of two hours late yesterday afternoon 'mowing' my front lawn with my electric weed trimmer. The grass so long after all of the rain we had I had to whack it before I can mow it. This looks like a great solution, doesn't it? via
I must say this delightful photo makes me dislike house numbering in certain areas. Thank goodness we have normal house numbers where I live thanks to the town fathers that refused to go by the system shown on this old house. One can imagine this one is located is a very rural location and not in on a street where there are 1,014 houses before you get to this one. Maybe it's 1,015 miles to town center. Who knows? I think it deserves a lower number because of its age, don't you?

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tammy j said...

i had to laugh at this lovely post!
my cottage number is 1012. and it's in a small subdivision...
nowhere near a thousand houses. the 'addition' as they call them has their own numbers. some idiot went even farther and made them four digits apart... as in i'm 1012and my neighbor is 1016!! ??
what in the world is that? it makes delivery a nightmare i would think.
ah... the beauty of simplicity. and the idiocy of pretension.