Friday, May 25, 2012

View from Farther Away

Here is a view of an earlier post from farther away during a moment of sun recently. I have 3 peony bushes and they are not all the same. So far only one variety is blooming. The watering cans keep Webster from breaking them. I have a whole vase full of broken stems at the kitchen sink that he broke while trying to take a shortcut.

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South Valley Girl said...

Greetings from a transplanted Summit gal currenly basking in the New Mexico sun. Love your blog - it's like a post card from my past.

A superb gardener once told me that the secret to success with peonies (also a favorite flower of mine) is to leave the Ants alone - she said they "tend" the flower buds, and without them, the peonies never do well. Just a thought.

Have a great weekend -