Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spreading Wild Violets

I bought a new lawn mower this year to do the front lawn. It's too tight to get my riding mower in there plus it slings the clippings up against the house and makes a big mess. My old one bit the dust last year and I went one whole season using the old 'reel' mower from the dark ages. I still use it but for big jobs and spring cleanup I prefer a power mulching mower. I got just what I needed at Sears. It has big back wheels and it's RED. Wahoo. I can't wait to fire it up but I'm going to wait a little longer until the violets that have invaded the lawn start to shrivel a little more. They look like miniature orchids up close. These are considered to be a weed by some but I happen to love them and can't bear the thought of chopping their beautiful heads off.


Terry said...

Thanks for visiting. I mow around my prettiest weeds. My yard is "Terry-Turf."

ladyhawthorne said...

How could anyone call these weeds? They are pretty in salads and as edible cake decorations too.

tammy j said...

oh so glad you won't be killing them before their time! they probably make it look like an alpine meadow. they are beautiful!
your cottage is so lovely.
thanks for adding the whole views of it below the posts. i saw your
"after weeding" photos. quite a job!

The Queen Vee said...

Oh how pretty, I'd hate to mow them away too.

What did you take this picture with, it is so clear and perfectly focused? Really nice Rosemary.

Jen said...

I get wild violets in my lawn too, and love them so much!

Lauren Scheuer said...

I'm with you, Rosemary. The mowing doesn't begin til the violets are gone. Someone told me that they allow their lawn to grow tall at the beginning of the summer, and it seeds itself. Hm. A good excuse to leave the mower in the garage a few weeks longer.

karen said...

Congrats on the new ride. Red! How great.
I don't blame you---I would want to savor the violets as long as possible. I love your varigated ones...I have only the old solid lavendar ones.

Nancy said...

When I first moved to PA I encountered these. Someone I'd just met told me how proud she was that she'd finally eliminated all the violets from her lawn. I thought she was crazy!