Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gorgeous Kitchen

It really is gorgeous, isn't it? I think it's a serious cook's kitchen for sure. I love the cabinet fronts, the hardware, the subway tile, the light, the bar to hold shelves and utensils, the open shelving. The stove, the island, the hood. I think I love it all! I've never understood pot fillers so I left that out. via


tammy j said...

i love this kitchen!!!
and i'm not a serious cook. but if i were, this would be my kitchen.
ahem... and if i had a few more dollars of course.

Nancy said...

I don't really get pot fillers either because while it means you don't have to carry a pot full of cold water to the stove, you still have to carry a pot of (hot) water to the sink, don't you?

Karen said...

I love this kitchen and I'm with you, I don't care to have pot filler in my kitchen. I guess I don't make pasta for the masses so its easy to fill my pot at the sink and carry it over to the stove top.
This kitchen reminds me of one I saw that was owned by Stonewall Kitchen folks.

Anonymous said...

Pot filler being installed in my kitchen - think huge canners needing to be carried many, many times from the sink during harvest season. If I can save half of those trips my back is soooo much happier!