Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wonderland Fungus

This fungus is getting curiouser and curiouser. I wonder if it's one that Alice ate? I'm certainly not going to taste it to find out. It's been growing on a tree at the edge of my woods for quite a long time and is a perfect subject for iPhone photos.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rosemary, Would you tell Webster I do apologize for calling him Brewster in my Christmas comment to you? Brewster is the name of a silly dog who probably chases his tail. Tell Webster when I think of him I see a gentleman of refined taste who would be right at home in a pair of silk pajamas and smoking fine Havana cigars.Happy new year.

Lauren Scheuer said...

I just love a good fungus. :)

penelopebianchi said...

Hi! I love this fungus! They actually sell them at the flower market here! they are an unusual decoration!


The Queen Vee said...

How beautiful, nature's artwork can't be surpassed.

Great photo Rosemary!

Yvette said...

When I saw this pix, Rosemary, I instantly thought of a Midsomer Murders episode I'd seen in which a mushroom collector met his untimely end while out in the woods looking for fungus. :)

Do you know this series from England?

I've been watching them in a bunch and enjoying the heck out of them.

(This particular sort of fungus was featured in the show - hence my recollection.)