Sunday, January 22, 2012

Staffordshire Spaniel with Paperwhites

My living room mantel rounds the corner on one side to meet the back wall. A large Staffordshire spaniel is posing there alongside a bulb forcing vase with blooming paperwhites. They are reaching for the ceiling but are still very nice and upright because of my cool (as in temperature) house.
Linking to: Small But Charming: Flowers in the Wintery House


Bonnie said...

I am certain you home is cool, as is "way cool" as well. Bonnie

Karen said...

I love Staffordshire dogs...I would love a pair of white ones to put on my mantle. Your paperwhites look great. I think the blue bulb vase is a help in forcing bulbs.
Hope you and Webster stay warm this chilly winter Sunday.

Anonymous said...

What a pretty vignette!
Islandgirl, USA

flwrjane said...

Love this, thanks for joining in the flower party.

I lived in Montclair a million years ago and we always ate at the Chatham diner, was that it's name?

Best cheese danishes in the world.

I heard it burned down.

hanks for the memory:)

xo Jane

Jen said...

Very pretty!