Friday, January 27, 2012

The Imperial March- Barked and Classical?

The Bark Side -- It's not the only Super Bowl ad evoking past hit movies. Volkswagen, which had a hit last year with its little Darth Vader ad, will be tapping into the Force once again with dogs barking out the Imperial March.

Darth Vader's Theme -- I wasn't sure what I was listening to at first with the dogs until I heard it played by an orchestra. I think they did a good job after I listened to the barking version again. It is going to be a Super Bowl hit!


c. Joy said...

My son sent me the dog commercial a day or so ago. We had a good laugh. The music is near and dear to my Star Wars junkie. When he was in high school that was the ring tone on his phone - FOR ME. (Discovered that one day when we were looking for his lost phone. Imagine my surprise when I dialed his number and heard that. OUCH.)

The Queen Vee said...

Thanks, I needed a good chuckle, obviously the force is with them.