Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Anne Hathaway and Piero Fornasetti

I love Anne Hathaway and think she looks stunning against the backdrop of Piero Fornasetti wallpaper featuring the iconic face of operatic soprano Lina Cavalieri, as a motif. *_*

Piero Fornasetti
“I do not believe in eras or times. I do not. 
I refuse to establish the value of things based on time.” 

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Edgar Allan Po ?

I wonder how Poe would like being depicted as one of the Teletubbies? I thought this was genius and super hilarious. :)

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Orchid Portrait

I took this photo several years ago while I was hosting a realtor open house. I took my camera along and luckily there were many interesting things to photograph and pass the time away. I was very pleased with this portrait of a beautiful orchid that was in the seller's living room. 

I can remember when you could buy orchid corsages in almost any grocery store for women to wear to church on Easter Sunday. We always bought one for my grandmother.

a Cat's Beautiful View

Cats always find the best places to perch and enjoy the view. Doesn't this old stone structure have great windows and stunning vistas?  _*_

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Green Spiral

This green spiral staircase descending into a forest of lush green ferns is magnificent, isn't it? *_*

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Yes, Please

I can't tell you anything about this home except that I think it is absolutely amazing. I would love to see a front view and go inside. *_*

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Did You Mail Your Taxes Today?

This looks like a good place to do business paperwork like figuring income taxes. Will you be able to mail yours before midnight tonight? Hope so. *_*

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Very Old Library in Prague

I dearly love large antiquarian books with vellum bindings. ©Sandy with her coffee

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Romanian Athenaeum at Night - Beautiful

Beautiful Portals: "Romanian Athenaeum at Night"

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Cut Along Dotted Line :)

This adorable little car should put a smile on your face :)

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Keep Calm and Dye Your Eggs

I made another poster at the Keep Calm Poster Generator

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Tax Collector Accepting Barter

"Paying the Tax" or "The Tax Collector"
(Click photo to enlarge)
Pieter Brueghel the Younger (1565–1636), Flemish painter. Oil on panel circa 1620. USC Fisher Museum of Art, The Armand Hammer Collection. I wonder if any of the stuff I've been getting rid of lately would have qualified as barter? I can identify with the lady digging through the basket to find something of value.

Taxpayers will have until Monday, April 18 to file their 2010 tax returns and pay any tax due because Emancipation Day, a holiday observed in Washington, D.C., fell this year on Friday, April 15. This just gave most people three more days to procrastinate.

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Decorating the Easter Eggs

He looks pretty tired if you ask me. The Easter Bunny has only one more week to decorate the eggs all by himself. He's hoping you will hold up your end and help him. Besides, it's fun. I think the bugs are offering their assistance too. *_*

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Zinnia, Queen Red Lime from Burpee

Zinnia, Queen Red Lime  Aren't these exotic maroon and plum bicolor zinnias beautiful? I love this color combination. 

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I See The Sun

This morning we have blue skies and sun after yesterday's rain. The thunder and lightning in the dark of night with the howling wind and rain pelting on the roof was quite something as I watched a movie in bed. What a difference a day makes - have a great Sunday. The photo is of the Dutch countryside: The long way home ©daniel bosma

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Living Room Towards Rear of House

The rain has been pouring most of the day and the wind has been howling. I never lit a fire because of the wind and didn't get a nap either. But I had a nice day puttering around the cottage and playing on the computer. Hope you can say the same. The brown blob on the rug in front of the sofa is Webster. Maybe you can see the raindrops on the French doors leading out to the balcony.

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Sir John Soane's Forgotten House | For Sale

©Roy Parkhouse
House for sale Chepstow, Monmouthshire, South Wales UK  | Country Houses £2,000,000 A romantic ruin now in need of complete restoration. The house stands in about 129 acres of historic landscaped parkland.

Sir John Soane's forgotten country house | Piercefield House, Piercefield Park - Chepstow, South Wales, UK, This neo-classical house, which probably dates from Tudor times, or even earlier, has late 17th/early 18th century additions attributed to William Talman. Much of what is seen today is the work of Sir John Soane. Doesn't this look like a fun project [or life's work]? Let me know if you buy it so I can come to visit. I've never been to Wales.

Don't fail to check out Sir John Soane's Museum. Soane designed this house to live in, but also as a setting for his antiquities and his works of art.

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Rainy and Cold Today at My Cottage

Today is a good day for one of the last fires of the season. I just returned from walking the Wonder Dog and he went back to bed. It's hard to decide what to do---light a fire or take a nap. 

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Book Dominos - Ireland's Library Association

This is really wonderful. Sit back and watch the books fall domino style. Here is the link in case you can't see my embedded video. Watch here. I went to the library at the end of the day yesterday and loaded up on books on tape for my mom who has macular degeneration and is legally blind. My favorite and most valued card in my wallet is my library card. I could live without a credit card but not my library card. Really!!! 

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Cutest Otter Baby Ever

Such a happy image. Made me smile. Have a charming weekend.

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Woodchester Mansion - Unfinished/Abandoned/Haunted Since 1870s

Woodchester Mansion is an unfinished, Gothic revival mansion house located in Woodchester Park near Nympsfield in Woodchester, Gloucestershire, England. It was formerly known as Spring Park. The Mansion was abandoned by its builders in the middle of construction, leaving behind a building that appears complete from the outside, but with floors, plaster and whole rooms missing inside. It has remained in this state since the mid-1870s. Is it haunted? No one knows for sure but one theory is that it stands on the site of three previous buildings and it is haunted by the ghosts of each of those structures. Read more...

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Refreshments and A Garden Bench

Doesn't this look refreshing? Lemonade in the garden on a beautiful day. Too bad there's no place to sit because the pillows are hogging the bench so I'll just stand and smell the lavender. Have a great weekend. There is rain in my forecast for tomorrow but I don't mind. I'm still very busy inside my cottage. -*-

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Too Many Dishes -- I'll Wash, You Dry

I'm feeling so much better today after a day of industrial-strength cleaning, rearranging and organizing yesterday. I still have miles to go but my sense of order is feeling so much better. I like closed door cupboards, especially in my kitchen. Having all my possessions staring me in the face every time I stepped in there would make me feel uncomfortable. I'm craving the 'just moved in, haven't unpacked yet' look right now. What about you? -*-

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fabulous Kitchen and A Loft Home Tour

This stunning kitchen belongs to Rob and Jill Brinson. He is a photographer and she is the Creative Director for Ballard Designs. I love the double sinks; they remind me of mine without the divider. More photos ~ Loft Home Tour

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