Sunday, December 4, 2011

Looking in My Cottage After Dark

Tell me when to stop posting my iPhone photos. It's always in my pocket and this is the last thing I saw after Webster's final walk of the day. That's his disgusting bed behind the sofa that I never see from inside the room. I think the Wonder Dog deserves a new blanket, don't you?


penelopebianchi said...

NO!!! I think he LOVES his blankie! And it feels like Him!!

and it can only be seen from the window! Briliiant!

do not change Webster's beddie and blankie!
You asked! I told!

That is why I am continuing my "blog"! (once a week at best!")

My first blog I ever went to......he quit.......I asked should I continue???

"An Aesthetes's Lament" ; when I had a total insecure attack....."you have something to say; keep saying it"!

So here I am still.....and still commenting! And still rabble-rousing!!!

LANA said...

Don't stop - the photos are lovely. That picture looks very cozy. Yes, I think you should ask Santa for a new blanket for Webster, and maybe a few treats, as well. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

What is it about "peeking" into a home from the outside. Even if it is your own, it allows for a new perspective. Confession, I'm forever peeking when we are in a charming place just like last evening in Old Town Alexandria. It's a wonder I never have turned an ankle or fallen off the curb. The author of a book I recently read, Pathways of Desire, Journal of a Suburban Gardner, used this perspective of her home at all stages and perplexities of her life. A charming book. Must get exact title and author's name for you.
Happy day both inside and out.

Carol said...

Great picture. Looks so cozy and inviting.

Miranda said...

Keep the photos coming!

It's always rather enchanting -- and revealing -- to see one's own home from a whole new perspective.

J.W. said...

I enjoy the iPhone photos. The question is...What would Webster think of a new blanket?

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

This is an awesome picture, disgusting bed and all. I have two of those disgusting beds! lol
Hope you are feeling better!

Karen said...

I love your room, whatever part of the house that is. It looks so inviting. I think Webster may really like his old bed. We recently replaced our older, big dog's bed and she seems to miss it.
The iPhone photos are amazing, keep them coming.

laney said...

...i think the wonder dog lives in a WONDERful house...blessings

Kleurrijk said...

i follow your blog just resently and what i see on this photo I would say "go on with it". I don't see so much the bed, what is irritating you. I see a very beautiful, warm room.

Kiki Chaos said...

*sigh* I can't tell you how jealous I am of your home. I think it's the most inviting, cosy home I've ever seen. What doesn't look more beautiful by lamplight? :)

The Queen Vee said...

I feel like a peeping Tom as I look into your home via the window. I want to tap on the window and beg you to let me come in, such a warm inviting view.

Arrived home from CO late yesterday. Came home with a cold, a gift from a granddaughter. Tonight I host the Queen's Dish and I'm so not ready, feeling a bit of the jet lag. I should be baking cookies but instead I'm catching up on my fav blogs. Meant to tell you, didn't drive this time but flew via Southwest them.

Have a great day.