Friday, November 4, 2011

Three More iPhone 4S Photos

I think this looks almost like an impressionist painting. This was the view from my front door when it first started snowing last Saturday.

This is one of my old photographs of two dogs posing very nicely against a professional studio backdrop. It's signed and dated 1919. 

A Roseville 'Landscape' pitcher in my pantry dating back to 1916 or earlier.

I'm still having fun with the wonderful camera on my new iPhone. I don't want to become a broken record so please tell me when you want me to stop.


pilgrimscottage said...

The photo outside your front door really does look impressionist. I suppose the photographer believed in letting the dogs be natural instead of posing them. Much better than posed. Your antique pitcher sure has a pretty yellow to it. It reminds me of the paint on the walls of a former home I lived in. Always thought it was a nice color. I hope you have a great weekend, Rosemary.

Nancy said...

I just re-found your blog and am thoroughly enjoying your posts so please, keep the photos coming!

Clipped Wings said...

Have fun with the iPhone. One can never take too many photos, lol. You have a good eye for framing what you photograph. Hope to see lots more ;)

juniper said...

personally, I love the photos! :) you can make them a permament addition if you so choose, I would be happy with it! :)

love the old photo of the professional backdrop with the two dogs... there is a lot of energy in that photo. :)

Anonymous said...

My iphone arrived today! So, I never will be the one to tell you to "stop" taking photos for I am just getting started with the fun and following your lead.