Thursday, November 10, 2011

Saw Some Sheep Today | Finally

I was pretty far away while photographing these sheep this afternoon.

I wish I could borrow this one to graze at my house before I do my final cutting.

I was standing behind a fence along the road way back here. The barn is in front of the white colonial house.

The noon sun was shining so brightly I couldn't tell what I was doing here. I was on my way to pay my property taxes when I pulled over to take this shot. I can walk to this location but haven't seen these animals in ages. This flock of sheep is grazing on a property next to a Richard Meier contemporary. I love the juxtaposition. Once again I was very far away focusing directly into a blinding sun.


Bonnie said...

Love the green barn.

Gail, in northern California said...

Nice that you love the juxtaposition of a Richard Meier contemporary and the adjacent property's barn and grazing sheep. I would find it jarring but, like I said, I'm glad you enjoy it.

I have idea what this means but my husband always says, "To each his own said the old lady who kissed the cow."

pilgrimscottage said...

If you were here, anyone with sheep or goats would gladly lend you theirs. That barn is gorgeous and the sheep look so lovely against the colors. What beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

I love that green barn! I always love seeing sheep too also the little baby goats are so delightful. It's funny how they just make you smile.

Property taxes in NJ. Now that's a killer. I grew up in there. Love the area don't like the expense.