Saturday, November 5, 2011

Geranium and Delft Tile

My iPhone photo of the day. The power went off for a couple of hours while the crews repaired the lines at the end of my street. I'm happy it's back on now. I really must work on my emergency preparedness for the future. I need a good reading light worst of all. I once had a great Coleman camping lantern that operated on a giant battery but I haven't seen it in years. I used to take it to Brimfield for reading in the car at night while camping at Quaker Acres. I miss those antique hunting adventures. Have a great weekend. See you later.


Anonymous said...

I do so love pink geraniums, too. My "pet" geraniums, the ones I bring inside, all are white now. Have lost the pink variety to the cold. Must get more next season.
I'm so happy to learn that your power lines have been repaired.
Sleeping in the car at Brimfield! You are a true adventurer. I will tell Bob about this and he surely will be impressed.
Happy weekend.

Nancy said...

Many of my neighbors purchased generators due to the recent flooding (and flooded basements that couldn't wait for the power to come back on and run the pumps) and then were very happy to have them with the snow storm that followed which caused power outages again. It's looking like a good idea.

Karen said...

In earthquake prone California we have Coleman lanterns in our office. They work really well the few times the power has gone off, just because, no earthquake involved. I'm happy to hear the power is back on.

Gail, in northern California said...

Maybe you, or your readers, can tell me why geranium leaves turn yellow. I just brought it in the house ahead of our first frosts. Perhaps, it's too warm in the house?