Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Edward Gorey Bookplate | So True

I've always loved Edward Gorey and would love to visit the house and museum devoted to his life and works.


Susie said...

Rosemary....I absolutely love books too. I have a lot of decorating and art books. I also have some classics. My first book to own was "To Kill A Mockingbird" and I was 17. That is why it's my favorite book still today. I pray you are save. I don't mind saying "yikes, those power plants !!" Scares me. Smiles to you friend, Susie

pilgrimscottage said...

What would this world be like without books? I love books!

Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors said...


My son when it was 7 years old ...On Valentine's Day,
his school had all the boy's step forward (one at a time), to tell what they wish for their mother's that day.
I was going through a rather "difficult divorce mostly in the papers than the courts!" So, I did not know what my son would say..."He step up and stated, "I wish for my mother to have a whole day to do what she does and loves almost as much as me...To have a whole day to READ!!!" BIg sigh of relief and it is still true to this day.

So true,,,Hope you have a great evening. ~maureen