Saturday, August 20, 2011

Big Tall Mushroom at My Cottage

I ran back inside to get my camera after spotting this tall mushroom that came out of nowhere overnight. We had fierce storms yesterday afternoon with very heavy rain and boomers. All is well this morning with sun and cool temperatures.

One of my wonderful blog readers sent me her copy of THE HELP by Kathryn Stockett and I am halfway through it. It's the perfect book for summer reading, especially for a southerner. I'm so glad I haven't seen the movie yet. Thank you JudyMac. xo

Have a great weekend everyone.


Bonnie said...

I absolutely adored the book. I am hoping to go with my daughter next weekend to see the movie. You know I don't usually enjoy movies of books, but I can't help myself this time.

Juniper said...

that photos is just amazing! oh nature, you never cease to amaze me! :) well captured as well!

The Queen Vee said...

Haven't yet seen the movie. I was suppose to go with my daughter-in-law this week but it didn't work out. Now will hopefully go and see it with my two daughters this coming Friday. Your right, it is a great summer read. My other daughter-in-law stayed up until 1:30 am last night reading it. She said she's been totally worthless all day but that it was worth it.

Really great pic Rosemary, what a sweet stately fungi fungi! So glad you grabbed your camera!

Anonymous said...

I read The Help last summer and followed it with Too Kill a Mockingbird which I had never read. A good coupling, I thought. I haven't seen the movie, The Help, yet either. I hope it lives up to the book.
A good gray day with a thunder storm here. Perfect for reading.

Karen said...

They sell a ceramic version of this mushroom at a very fancy nursery in California...can you preserve this? You might have a novelty item. :-)