Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Chosen Bedroom for Tonight

This is where I've decided to sleep tonight. I love that recessed bookcase wall behind the bed. A side table might be nice since I can't sleep without a stainless steel water bottle full of ice water within arm's reach in the summer. Especially if the windows are open and the central air is turned off. I broke down and turned it on today. I had to close all of my windows while the gutters were being cleaned and it's really hot outside. But as you all know I don't like being sealed inside. So before I jump in this big white bed, I'll throw open the windows. Goodnight. See you in the morning. xo

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Vickie H. said...

Rosemary, I think you are AMAZING! I only discovered your blog about 6 months ago and I now follow you every single day. Love it!