Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kitchen Still Life for A Sunday Morning

It's sometimes nice to treat yourself like company and go all out preparing a Sunday morning breakfast, isn't it? I am about 90% caught up on my mowing thankfully because it was a stormy night and it's still raining right now. I just have hand trimming left. Webster and I were outside until dark racing to rake the front 'hayfield' before calling it quits. I do manage to get things done in my own way alternating between being way behind and having everything absolutely perfect, stubborn country girl that I am. Enjoy your holiday weekend Sunday. xo


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Sue said...

I chuckled at this-sometimes , when I went to visit my mother, she would have the most incredible "spread"-the best china, the fancy tablecloth, etc., and she wasn't expecting anyone, it's just that she felt kind of special that day. I mean really, what are we saving that fancy china for? Bring it out and USE IT.
This was a good reminder!