Saturday, June 11, 2011

Winter in Yellowstone

Yesterday it was very hot. When I went to bed it was still 81 degrees so of course I had all the windows open because I dislike sleeping with the A/C on. I am dressed for a real estate showing in about an hour and I have on a down vest. What's with this weather? It is 65 degrees and wet and rainy.

I'm sure it must be hot somewhere so when you get so hot you can't stand it, think of this stunningly beautiful winter scene in Yellowstone. ©laurieexcell


Bonnie said...

I may have to copy it and hang it around my neck. I would be happy with low 70s. Enjoy you cool spell.

Sharon Stanley Ruggerio said...

HOUSTON: Extreme drought conditions, sweltering temps in 98/100+ range, dragging the water hoses around my parched English garden that I refuse to abandon and let die, swatting vicious mosquitoes, leaving cool water and food for my feral cats, the birds, squirrels, opossums, and raccoons....... praying for a respite from this brutal weather.
Your lovely weather sounds like paradise. I hope that you and sweet Webster enjoy it with happy walks.
Blessings to you.