Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Prince Philip Then and Now

Prince Philip with his mother Princess Andrew of Greece and Denmark (Princess Alice of Battenberg).

Prince Philip was 90 a few days ago. Doesn't he look great?

Prince Philip breaks into his sandwich box for a snack in the shade of a stone house built by Queen Victoria for Prince Albert at Balmoral. Everyone likes to sneak off and eat a sandwich alone it seems.

All images borrowed from Lotie Tea where the kettle's always on.


The Queen Vee said...

He's stood by his woman longer than any other consort while remaining his own man. I say Hip Hip Hooray for the Duke for he's a jolly good fellow.

At 90 he still stands ramrod straight and fulfills 300 obligations a year....Amazing.

Karen said...

Great post...I love reading about anything royal/U.K. I had no idea Price Phillip was 90...he looks very fit.