Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cottage Castle

I hope I see something good today after the office meeting. I looked at the list last night and didn't see any cottage castles on the broker open house tour. One can always dream about them though.

Content in a Cottage


La Maison Fou said...

Hello Rosemary;
That one is definately worthy of immediate escrow!

Karen said...

Now that's great. Where is this? England? I would enjoy living in this sized castle.

KClark Photography said...

How charming. I could easily live there.

RC Reese said...

Hi there! Wow, what a place! Reminds me of a little mini playhouse that I heard Marie
Antionette used to run off to at Versaille! What a dream!

Melanie Marshall said...

I adore your page.. love the sweet Castle.. would not mind a place like that to retire in later on in life.. beautiful surroundings, secluded and most charming it is.. thank you ox