Monday, April 11, 2011

Bluebell Woods | England

Loughborough, Leicestershire, England ~ So beautiful!  

Content in a Cottage


Jeanne said...

I know it well....they are just glorious! Not sure if you noticed, but you got a mention over in my recent post. A reader, Lisa (Itztru) listed you as one of her favourite blogs :) I can certainly understand why!

Best wishes Rosemary :)

Jeanne xx

Sue said...


I came across a wooded glen once that was abloom in wild Lupines. The effect was similar--though I didn't do nearly so well in capturing it on film. Nice find!

Sally Thomas said...

Beautiful! My own little patch of (Virginia, I think) bluebells is winding down for this year; I fantasize about having a bluebell wood in at least that part of my garden.

Lovely site -- I found you through Maria Horvath's poetry blog. My design-minded teenaged daughter loves you, too, and is wishing that she could incorporate every element of every photo here into her next-year's dorm room.