Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Time To Hit The Hay

Time to hit the hay and watch some prime time television. I discovered 'Doc Martin' on PBS recently and it's one of my favorite programs. Thankfully, my station is airing Season One even though Series Four has already been completed. I'm recording it right now on WLIW-21. It is one of those quirky English programs set in Cornwall. Doc Martin (he prefers to be called Dr. Ellingham) is a socially awkward village doctor who had to quit surgery in London because he suddenly became sick at the sight of blood. He relocated to Portwenn, a small Cornish town full of characters. It's filmed on location in the real town of Port Isaac. I'm off to watch it now. See you tomorrow.
I found the full episode of Doc Martin, Season 1, Episode 1 on YouTube here.

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Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Night, Rosemary. Hope you have a good rest. That baby lamb or goat? is so precious!

itztru said...

As a real estate agent who has had a 30 yr. focus on antique and vintage properties, I am naturally drawn to your posts....but it was this one that really prompts me to comment! I am addicted to Doc Watson too! The show airs on Vermont Public Television on Thursday nights at 10 p.m....way past my bedtime! However, it is aired again on Sunday at 5 p.m. and everything stops so that I can visit.

Anonymous said...

You will love Doc Martin more and more as it goes along, and the good news is they are making two more seasons!

Clear Crick Cottage said...

OHmyGOSH I just caught up with your wondeful blogging Rosemary. SUCH fun I have when I'm here! I know you're snoozing right now, but I want to wish you sweet dreams, and thank you for all the delightful images and words you leave for us.
Just a few comments back to...
1.I must check out Doc Martin if you love it! Although it will be VERY hard for me to stray too far from my favorite Hercule Poirot each night.
2.I too love inset bookcases, and laughed when you wrote "tear out the wall now" because I've envisioned myself tearing out several walls in my house JUST for bookcases. :)
3.I don't care HOW much weight I gain, I won't eat oatmeal for breakfast. blah. :) I DID have your special oatmeal once, and it was MUCH tastier then the norm, but I still couldn't enjoy it. sigh. A tip for dinner...have brown rice and spinach salad. Not sure of reason, but brown rice is great for slimming the waist.
4.LOVED your pic of the youthful English royalty.

sweet dreams.
Sherilyn Koss at Clear Crick Cottage

Marilyn said...

love it favourite thing on tv right now!!! so glad you found him!!!!

Tina Eudora said...

I watch it also on Vermont PBS Sundays and I love it! It is followed by a show called "Lark Rise to Candleford", a period production, which I have come to enjoy as well.
Have a lovely day Rosemary!
Tina xo

Mrs. Bee said...

oh my...can you watch these online?
I still love to read, "All Things Great and Small" and watch them on DVD. Our library still carries them!

itztru said...

Oh my...I did it again! I meant Doc Martin (not Doc Watson!)