Thursday, March 31, 2011

Goodnight ~ Day is Done

The sun will be setting soon and I'll be trading my computer for the television. I do love a good reflection and this is a great one. I put some new batteries in my remote in the bedroom and what a difference. I actually called for a technician to come out to the house because of the poor performance lately of the DVR but it's all fixed now. So happy.

Content in a Cottage


Teri Ann said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photography! I am new to your blog, I found you via Abi Monroe. I love dogs too, have 6 in our extended family and we all get together several times a year, dogs, people and more dogs! Two pugs, two Shihtzu (mine), a Lab and a mini daschund! Good Night, sleep tight. Teri
Leelanau Linens in beautiful Northwestern Michigan

Abi said...

I'd like to be sitting infront of that lake for sure! It looks so tranquil :O)