Friday, February 4, 2011

Wake Me When It's Spring

Webster did this to himself. He went back to bed this morning thoroughly disgusted with the weather. Our walk is a solid sheet of ice and he didn't get to go to the post office and the church rummage sale with me this morning. Neither did my mother. They are both pining away for spring. I put the blue plaid blanket over the Wonder Dog in a normal fashion when he first nestled in his bed but this is how he decided to "fix" himself for a long winter's nap.

Content in a Cottage


AshTreeCottage said...

I don't blame Webster one bit. I think we should all put the covers over our heads and wait for spring! Give that Wonder Dog a bit hug for me!!

Susan and Bentley

Sue said...

Webster the Wonder Dog has the right idea, I think. I love winter, but enough is enough!

He looks so adorable. And pampered. You're a great Dog Mom!

Anonymous said...

Very cute and sweet!!!


The Queen Vee said...

I'm with Webster although I would have hit the rummage sale and then crawled into bed....must have your priorities.

Our power was out for a day, difficult to dry you hair with a gas cooktop. I do love electricity don't you?

Marilyn said...

aaww move over boy, you're about to have a few bed mates under there. You certainly have had the brunt of the bad weather this year...we have missed almost all of them...but I join you in your call for Spring. Hope the sun shines on you soon...and the wonder dog can make the yard sales soon!!!

Millie said...

Your horrendous weather has been making all the news bulletins here Rosemary. Right alongside all the calamities that have befallen poor old water-logged Brisbane & tropical cyclone ravaged Far North Queensland. Webster's a wise Wonder Dog.
Millie x

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Tell Webster I am right there with him!
Cocoa and Theo, too!
What a cute picture :)

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Well, I can't blame him, Rosemary! I feel like doing this every morning in recent weeks! : )

Linda said...

Darling Webster, you make a day under the covers look mighty inviting. I'm so happy you are feeling better.