Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Snow Today

This isn't the snow at my house but it could be. It has been snowing giant flakes for about two hours and it's probably going to continue for the rest of the day. I swept it off the front walk when Webster and I went out for our morning stroll in the woods. I made some "moon boots" for him out of Glad Press 'n Seal and he seemed pleased be wearing them and he still has them on. I made a new pair for inside the house to keep him from licking his feet until they heal. He is such a good patient and I'm becoming a great nurse. See you later. I have an office meeting this morning. image

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The Queen Vee said...

We are finally getting an actual no kidding snow storm today and through the night. The local kids are thrilled, no school and snow to play in. I think it's totally weird that whenever it snows in Virginia people run out and clean the local groceries of 4 things: milk, eggs, bread and toilet paper. It's a mystery to me as I always have those items on hand.