Thursday, January 27, 2011

Buried in The Snow

Success! I just got in from shoveling the walk to the left of the first big mound and I even dug out my car - see mound behind brick wall. The driveway had been plowed in front of the car and behind it too. I had to uncover it and dig out all around. The snow was over the tires and running board almost up to the trim on the door.  I was 'the little engine that could' digging my way one shovel at a time.

These chairs on the balcony will just have to wait. I can't even get the screen door open yet. Maybe the sun will do most of the work for me. This area is not critical. I just wanted to show you how deep the snow was back there. You can't even see the chair legs at all. 

Content in a Cottage


Katie Cautela said...

I love your pictures! wow you got a lot of snow. We have 1-2 inches moving in here. (Galena, Ohio)
Don't overdo it. Katie

Sue said...

It might not be the funnest thing digging out from under, but the scenery is certainly beautiful!
Lovely photos, Rosemary!

Gal Friday said...

You too??

I hope your back is feeling alright, Rosemary.

Rachel VanHook said...

Ahhh the snow and shoveling...having a new baby has kept me indoors more than I am happy with! I'm usually out even through the winter!!! Love these pictures even though I"m starting to long for Spring. I enjoyed the pictures of Webster...hope he's continuing to improve!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

It is so pretty, but I bet it is almost enough now for you? I am starting to think spring. How about you???