Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sleeping Here Tonight in My Dreams

I could rest peacefully on a bed of nails tonight and be comfortable I'm so tuckered out. Major tasks accomplished around the cottage and I'm so happy to be able to check so many things off my "to do" list.

This bedroom is fabulous, isn't it? I love it all; the storage underneath and the recessed shelves above instead of a headboard. I love white linens too having just put a white duvet cover on my white down comforter yesterday. The reading lamps are perfect. via

Content in a Cottage
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a whole lotta love said...

this is definitely a bed you can just sink into. i love white on white too. sleep tight. dream a lovely dream.

Sue said...

Now that is one perfect set-up. I currently am unable to find my bedside table under the mountain of books and magazines. And I love the wall mount lights. I think I see a project for hubby in the near future.

Hope your week is going well. Cold, rain and snow here---perfect for reading!

laney said...

...i love love the look of the bed...but not for reading in bed...

Kat said...

Rosemary, that is such a great idea for a head board, and I love the bead board in the back. I am using bead board in the back of all my new cabinets, love the texture.

Have a great day

Natasha said...

That is indeed a lovely room.

This is also a lovely blog. So happy I stumbled upon it today-thank you!

Best wishes,