Thursday, July 15, 2010

Roy Rogers' Stuffed Horse TRIGGER Sells for $266,000

Happy Trails to Trigger in his new home.

Christie's Auction House in NYC held an auction of the contents of the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum which closed in Branson, MO. The new owners of Trigger are RFD-TV in Omaha, Nebraska "Rural America's Most Important Network" who plan to start their own museum. I spent every Saturday morning of my childhood with Roy and Dale. Does any TV network rebroadcast those wonderful shows?

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Marilyn said...

it's funny you should post this today.....we saw the story on the news last evening and my husband obviously wasn't listening....he heard Dale Evans name mentioned and thought SHE was stuffed and being sold.....I thought I would die laughing!!!!

AshTreeCottage said...

I heard about that yesterday. I am glad that it was sold to someone who has plans to share it. I don't believe that anyone is showing those fabulous old shows. If they were, believe me I would be watching!! I am a cowgirl at heart!!

Susan and Bentley

Millie said...

I was a huge Roy, Dale & Trigger fan too Rosemary. As a horse mad little girl I used to long for a palomino just like the magic Trigger. Now my equine dreams are limited to a $50 bet on the Melbourne Cup once a year!
Millie ^_^

Aly said...

I, too, watched the show as a little girl. I guess it was something of an obsession for me, because my mother loves regaling the family with the story of how in playacting, I insisted on being Roy Rogers, NOT Dale Evans. She went out, and bought an eloborate cowgirl outfit to help me carry out my fantasies, but apparently I became enraged at the sight of the female duds, and threw a tantrum because no one understood my longing to be Roy Rogers. I even coerced my elderly babysitter into calling me "Roy" when we went out in public. Very odd behavior, indeed!