Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vogue Cover May 1931

I like this Vogue cover illustration of a woman reading a book. I'm not reading anything at the moment and I miss being involved in a story. Have a great day, Rosemary.

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Robin said...

You KNOW I love that cover, the vintage gal that I am. So beautiful!
Have a great day.

Gal Friday said...

I have that Vogue cover image and have been meaning to frame it, Rosemary(now where IS it, tho?)
I have been struggling to read one mystery novel for weeks now--my life is so busy now that I can't seem to get in the frame of mind to read.
I wonder what you'll find next to read. I have ahuge stack of books to read, but so far have not made a dent in it.

Kat said...

Hi Rosemary

Some of the older magazines art such beautiful art work.
I have really fallen in love with my Sony ereader. I kept running out of books and not having time to stop at the library on my way out from work. Now I download several at a time and it's really great for traveling.


Punctuation Mark said...

i love those vintage covers... so artistic!!!