Friday, June 11, 2010

Unusual Animals on Leashes

Isn't this the sweetest photo you've ever seen? Don't you love this little girl's coat? Isn't the kitten cute? Don't you love the car with the running board? via

My mother walks her fat cat Tabitha on a leash too.

Beatrix Potter walked her pet rabbit on a leash that looks more like a string.

This is one of my antique Christmas cards featuring a pig with a string leash tied to his leg.

Happy Friday. Have a great weekend and take your pet for a long walk.
xo, Rosemary

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Tennis Girl said...

Funny. Actually, they take ME for the walk! When they see a cat, I am surprised I have an arm left!

Diane said...

I was once in PetSmart and there was a man there with a great big rat as a pet on his shoulder. I could not help but shudder. I think he was offended and then proceeded to tell me that he has several pet rats and he walks them on leashes. I'm a huge animal lover but I draw the line at huge pet rats! Bunnies are pigs are great though and how in the world do you get a cat to walk on a leash?

AshTreeCottage said...

Love all the pics Rosemary! Yes that little coat is sweet and so are the Mary Jane's!! I love that pic of Beatrix Potter. She's a favorite of mine. Bentley loves the suggestion of a long walk!!

Susan and Bentley

Penny Wolf said...

My friend Judy said that she had a pet turtle as a little girl while living in England. The shell of the turtle had a whole drilled into it allowing it to be tethered
for walks and such.Can you imagine?
I do not think I'll do that to my turtle Tillie.