Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mowed Lawn Today

Thankfully I didn't have to use this old clunker. But I did use a gas powered push mower...the mulching mow my front and back lawns before it started raining. I heard on the news that we have had only .11 inches of rain since mid May. Everything was very dry and big patches of grass were turning yellow. The gentle rain that started about 1pm has been perfect. All of it will go in the ground. Is it dark yet? Can I please go to bed? I'm sure I will fall asleep the minute my head hits the pillow. Goodnight.

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Tennis Girl said...

We had one of those when I was a little kid. It was heavy and I could barely push it! That is the kin, tho that my Dad and his brother used to mow yards with for $$$ I have heard the stories :)

Gal Friday said...

A gentle, much appreciated rain falling here now, as well. I am looking forward to snuggling into bed(a little bit later) and falling asleep to the sound of the rain outside.
I can remember a time, when my father used a lawn mower like that. We had just moved into a house, and that push-type machine was in the shed that came with the house. I also remember my father being kind of cranky afterwards.