Saturday, June 12, 2010

Baby Bluebird Rescue At The Cottage

When I woke up this morning I looked outside my bedroom window and saw a blob that wasn't moving on the lawn near the Eastern Bluebird house. It looked like a baby bird and it was. The bluebird parents weren't at all upset and every once in a while they would fly down and shove something in its mouth. I was very concerned because it was almost time to let Webster out and this little bird clearly could not fly. I got my camera and a big stick. As I was shooting baby bluebird portraits the parents were dive bombing my head. Then I got my stick and tried to make this little one perch on it so I could put him back in the house. That did not work. So I picked him up and poked him back inside so he could tell his juvenile brothers and sisters about the outside world and the giant who helped him. I hope he stays inside until his little wings are stronger. All is well now. You know how much I love my bluebirds and I don't want to lose a single one. Here's hoping you have some excitement too this weekend. xo, Rosemary
My camera ~ Nikon D40 SLR
My lens ~ Nikon 18-200 zoom lens with VR
(Macro at any focal length)

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KClark Photography said...

What a very photogenic little guy. The Magellan of BlueBirds.

Marilyn said...

Great story....wonderful ending!!!

La Maison Fou said...

So glad to hear this Rosemary.
Good weekend to you,

Tennis Girl said...

What a good thing you did, Rosemary!

scrappydee said...

Ohhh - so glad he made it home safely. I love love blue birds! Thanks for sharing such great photos!

PennyWolf said...

What a treat to see such a beautiful baby! Thank you.

Penny Wolf

Millie said...

Great save Rosemary! I bet they're still tweeting about this in the Bird House.
Millie ^_^

penelopebianchi said...

you did the exact right thing! I hope you did it again with the other one!

old wive's tale about don't touch the baby birds. Birds cannot smell!!!