Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Splash Of Color On A Gray Day

They are definitely not afraid of color at Maison Amiot in Quebec City.

It's raining quite hard and the wind is howling at my house today. This colorful woodwork definitely cheers me up. Have a great weekend. Rosemary

via Pixdaus

Content in a Cottage

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Suzanne said...

Pouring here too on the CT shore. We are heading for Mt. St. Anne just outside Quebec City for vacation this summer. Cannot wait for the photo opportunities!! Beautiful photo you posted. Have a nice weekend Rosemary, hope you are doing something fun.

The Queen Vee said...

I think the color works so well on this abode because of the fabulous gray stone. Wish it was cool enough here to grow trailing roses like these, alas it is not.

Soggy here in ole Virginny. A LOT of earthworms crawled out of the ground and onto our driveway and sidewalks yesterday. I think they were drowning in an underground mud pool thanks to melted snow and rain.