Monday, January 11, 2010

Staying Home Circa 1921

Margaret and William Penn Cresson at home in 1921, the first summer of their marriage. Painted by John C. Johansen in their cottage The Dormouse, a wedding gift from Margaret's father Daniel Chester French who lived nearby in Chesterwood. Margaret later donated his home to the National Trust.

I used my camera to capture this image rather than my scanner which is too hard on my cherished books. The photo of the above-mentioned painting is from OF HOUSES & TIME by William Seale. Personal Histories of America's National Trust Properties. It's a wonderful room as well as a happy moment in time, isn't it?

Content in a Cottage

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Gal Friday said...

Pre- internet, pre-television, and even pre-radio--that is what people did in the evenings in their home!!
It looks very cozy( have always wanted a window seat for reading) and I think you did a good job photographing the image to share here.(I don't use our old and slow scanner anymore for anything, but use my camera with varying degrees of success with the lighting sometimes)

averydesigninteriors said...

Love this photo. Today's version would be me with a book or design magazine wrapped up in a fluffy blanket and my husband, remote control in hand, watching the game!

Tracy @ Comfort and Luxury said...

Love this image (and his shoes!). I'll have to check out this book as I see your more recent post image is from it also.
You're welcome for the mention, Rosemary. Thank YOU for thinking of ME! And while I have nothing against $350 enamel boxes (I'd grab up that pagoda model in a heartbeat if some rich uncle wanted to buy it for me!), mine is certainly worth much more to me.

Sue said...

Rosemary, I JUST finished the book "Where We Lived-Discovering the Places We once Called Home" by Jack Larkin. Fascinating glimpse into the homes and homelife in our country from 1775-1840. I couldn't put it down......sat on the couch for EIGHT hours.
I think you might enjoy this book. The pictures alone would make it worth it (but the text-very interesting!)

Now I'm trying to catch up on a few blogs-I've been hibernating so long, this might be another eight hour job!
Have a wonderful day