Saturday, November 28, 2009

Untie The Ribbons

The colder weather is finally here. We had a lot of wind last night and I'll be busy picking up sticks when I take Webster for his morning walk. I don't think I have ever mentioned how fanatical I am about sticks on the ground. They are not allowed! I've found that if I pick them up on a daily basis, they don't have a chance to become a problem. It's good exercise too. Thanks for stopping by the cottage for a great quote. Don't you love it? Have a nice weekend. Rosemary

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Illustrated Quote

I'm celebrating Buy Nothing Day today. Buy Nothing Day is your special day to unshop, unspend and unwind. Relax and do nothing for the economy and for yourself - at least for a single day. After such a busy day yesterday, the day after Thanksgiving is a perfect do nothing day, especially since the refrigerator is full of leftovers and I don't have to cook. I created the image with the holly for the inside of my 2007 Christmas card. Enjoy your Friday whatever you choose to do. Thanks for stopping by the cottage. Rosemary

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Name Your Search Engine

I slept late this morning and had nothing prepared in advance to share with you. My friend's niece showed me this cool site yesterday afternoon at a get-together. It's called FunnyLogo. There are many different themes to choose from. I chose Google Style. This should entertain you for a while. Have fun. Rosemary

PS: I used Picasa to do the screen capture. Here's a tutorial teaching you how. I use this feature all the time!

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day 2009

Norman Rockwell "Freedom from Want" Saturday Evening Post cover March 6, 1943. All of my childhood Thanksgivings were like this. Have a wonderful holiday, I know I will. The cottage smells absolutely wonderful! Wishing all of you an old-fashioned Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

There Is Honor In Being A Dog ~ Aristotle

Dogs have always been loved, haven't they? The illustration is a photo of an antique tile with the funkiest dog ever. Thanks for stopping by the cottage for an illustrated quote. Rosemary

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Life's Little Instruction Book page 144 + Happy Thanksgiving

The Turkey Day countdown has begun. I worked on my grocery list all day yesterday and finally went to the market around 5:30. I got a great parking spot, whizzed through the store, found everything I needed, got in line behind one woman who was almost finished checking out, helped bag my 4 sacks, loaded the car easily since there was a street lamp overhead, and got home at 6:30. I've always had good luck shopping at the dinner hour. Our weather has been quite warm for this time of year in New Jersey. It is drizzling rain this morning so I'm glad I did a load of laundry yesterday that dried nicely on the line.
Have a safe trip if you are traveling and enjoy the holiday tomorrow. Don't forget #477 above. Happy Thanksgiving from the cottage. Rosemary

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Billy Baldwin Designed With Books

The illustration is a watercolor painted by Mark Hampton of the Cole Porter library with bookcases designed by Billy Baldwin. So very beautiful!

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A Great Wonder Dog Story

Born in Louisiana in 1925, Jim displayed signs of extremely high intelligence. He was able to pick out colors a person was wearing, although dogs are thought to be color-blind. He could pick out a car by its owner, color, make, or license plate number. Jim became a hunting dog who knew which fields contained birds and which ones didn’t. His owner would let Jim choose the field in which to hunt and he was never disappointed. Jim was examined at the University of Missouri by a group of veterinarians and scientists. Results of the examination were normal. He responded to their requests given in Italian, French, German and Spanish. He was taken before a Greek class and given several requests in Greek which he successfully answered. Jim picked the winner in the 1936 World Series. He correctly predicted that Roosevelt would be re-elected in 1936. He also correctly picked the winner in the Kentucky Derby for seven years. And most amazingly, he could predict accurately the sex of an unborn infant. The Wonder Dog died on March 18, 1937 and was buried in a cemetery in Marshall. A small white stone was erected over his grave bearing the inscription “Jim, the Wonder Dog.”
I've been calling my dog Webster, the wonderdog for years just because I love him so much. Thanks for stopping by the cottage for a great dog story today. Rosemary

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Day At Home

It's so nice to be home for the holidays, especially Thanksgiving. Here's hoping all of the travelers arrive safe and sound. I'm cooking cornish game hens this year instead of turkey. All of the trimmings will remain the same; cornbread dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, raw cranberry relish, a sweet potato dish (maybe), brussel sprouts, popovers and pie. Yum.
I got a few new old books this week with wonderful graphics. I was so excited when I found this image. I love making these illustrated quotes and sharing them with you.

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Random Saved Photographs ~ No Words Required

I liked all of these...hope you do too. Happy Monday, Rosemary

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Art Shapes Our Lives ~ Shakespeare Quote

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101 Thanksgiving Dishes To Make Ahead

For most cooks, Thanksgiving problems are brought about by the sheer number of dishes competing for the stove. It’s not easy to roast a turkey and bake sweet potatoes for 20 at the same time. The best solution is to prepare what you can in advance, like any of the 101 dishes by Mark Bittman that follow. Read more ~ full article from The New York Times. Here's hoping you have an extra refrigerator or at least a super large one! Happy cooking. Rosemary

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