Monday, October 26, 2009

A graphic designer meets with a very cute young client [Video] . . .

This little guy is so cute. I hope you find the time to watch this prize-winning video and start your day with a big smile. Thanks for stopping by the cottage; here's hoping you have a great week with no problem clients big or small. ♥Rosemary

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Tenant transforms his apartment in exchange for free rent.

A look inside the San Francisco apartment with an antiques theme renovated by its tenant, an interior designer.
In 2007, Grant K. Gibson, an interior designer, offered his future landlord a deal: in exchange for two months' free rent ($3,000), he would renovate the San Francisco apartment. Mr. Gibson sits before 18th century architectural drawings of Rome from an old book that he mounted in $20 frames.

He only wears black and white clothes so it was quite a leap to be so bold with color in the bedroom.

This antique Turkish rug and imitation-crocodile tray table were hand-me-downs from one of Mr. Gibson's clients.

All of the bamboo roman shades are from Target. I might get these for the three windows in my studio. Don't you think this young man did an amazing job for just $3,000? Be sure to view all 12 of the photographs in the New York Times slideshow.

Thanks for stopping by the cottage for an inspirational renovation. ♥Rosemary

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

A WebAlbum w/ Slideshow "Rainy Saturday Fall 2009"

If this moves too fast and you want full-size images with captions underneath, click here. When page loads, choose slideshow. Enjoy the tour of my property.
Thanks for stopping by the cottage. Have a great rest of the weekend. ♥Rosemary

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Irving Penn RIP

The death earlier this month of the 20th-century master of photography Irving Penn (at age 92) invites a look at his renowned work from studio portraits to fashion photographs. Be sure to view the slideshow in full screen; it's wonderful. Read more via The New York Times.


Thanks for stopping by the cottage to view a slideshow and some flower images by a departed master of photography. ♥Rosemary

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Life's Little Instruction Book, page 139 + a few photos . . .

I love this poster. You can't choose your family, but thankfully you can choose your friends.

HaHa! A designer chain saw. Chanel no less!

This handsome owl certainly picked a lovely wildflower meadow as the setting for his portrait.

Happy Friday. It's been a long busy week for me. It was very productive though. I think I will be saved by the rain on Saturday. Have a good one. Thanks for stopping by the cottage. ♥Rosemary

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Antique piece of Vampire History :: Vampire Killing Kit circa 1800 sells for $14,850.

A complete and authentic vampire killing kit — made around 1800 and complete with stakes, mirrors, a gun with silver bullets, crosses, a Bible, holy water, candles and even garlic, all housed in a American walnut case with a carved cross on top — attained $14,850 in the Jimmy Pippen estate sale by Stevens Auctioneers on October 3–4, 2008 in the Natchez Convention Center.

Dwight Stevens of Stevens Auction Company says, "I don't believe in vampires -- I've never met one. But somebody believed in them, something drove people to believe. From New Orleans to Vicksburg, these old boxes remain." Stevens has sold four vampire killing kits in his 27 years as an auctioneer with this one being the most expensive to date. Hmmm. I wonder if this kit would work on werewolves too? I can't remember a time when vampires were more popular, can you?

Thanks for stopping by the cottage for a little antiquarian fright today. ♥Rosemary

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Life's Little Instruction Book, page 138 + some of my favorite things . . .

Brooke Astor's study designed by Albert Hadley. You know how much I love leather bound books and bookshelves!

A little Photoshop fun with a moth from an antiquarian print superimposed on one of my cement pots.

Don't forget to drain all your outside faucets so they don't freeze over the winter. I haven't shut off the water from the inside yet...yesterday was absolutely gorgeous.

I wear my Wellies daily; in the morning when the dew or frost is still on the grass and on evening walks with Webster. Actually, they are my favorite outdoor footwear for tromping around the cottage grounds.

A load of wash my mother hung out to dry. She always wears jumpers and flannel nighties. She hangs her clothes in a random sort of way. I could never do that. I have to hang all the towels together, all the socks together, all the pillowcases together, etc. After the house is painted in the spring, I want to hang that awful ladder from a rafter in the garage and plant something nice against the foundation.

Several people have been asking for pictures of Webster. These are not new, but they are good ones of the wonder dog.

I don't look forward to the dead brown winter grass. I wonder why Webster wasn't wearing one of his coats? Must have been warm that day.

This is definitely a spring or summer photo as you can see from the bird's nest in the background.

The carpenter is gone and Webster misses him. Thanks for stopping by the cottage for a few photos and a page from our favorite book. ♥Rosemary

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bunny Williams on PBS 10/22/09 . . .

One of my friends sent me an email to remind me to watch this program on PBS Thursday night at 7:30 and I'm so glad she did. I've never seen any of the "Moment of Luxury" segments but I am definitely watching this one. I have so many books by Bunny Williams. Check your local listings for the schedule in your area.

Bill Subs visits Litchfield County, Connecticut for renovation and design tips from celebrated interior designer and best-selling author Bunny Williams at the magical 18th-century house and garden she restored as a labor of love.

I haven't had much time to devote to my blog recently due to all the home repairs going on around the cottage. You'll be glad to know I can see a speck of light at the end of the tunnel. ♥Rosemary

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Monday, October 19, 2009

A Vintage Halloween Postcard Video . . .

I couldn't embed this wonderful video because the feature was disabled. Click here or on the image above to go to the slideshow of Vintage Halloween postcards with music. Trick or Treat!

Thanks for stopping by the cottage to get in the mood for everyone's favorite holiday which is less than 2 weeks away. ♥Rosemary

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

AGA Rangemaster Cookers Go Dotty After 300 Years.

AGA goes dotty over new (limited edition) Emma Bridgewater model covered in brightly colored polka dots. It's a little too daring for my taste. I prefer neutral everything with my antiques providing color and contrast. What do you think of these wildly emblished stoves? I think this one costs around $10,000 in case you were thinking of placing an order.

Four leading personalities in the British Isles have given their take in a series of decorated cookers to celebrate AGA Rangemaster’s 300-year heritage.

Renowed pottery designer, Emma Bridgewater, has designed an iconic polka-dot AGA. Atomic Kitten singer, Natasha Hamilton, has embellished a Rangemaster cooker with cupcakes. Eco designer and TV presenter, Oliver Heath, has created a patchwork wood-burning Rayburn and Michelin-star winning chef, Nick Nairn, has designed a fabulous tartan Falcon cooker that signifies his Scottish roots.

I don't often do two posts in one day but I found these stoves so interesting, I just couldn't wait another day. Thanks for stopping by the cottage again. ♥Rosemary

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