Monday, December 7, 2009

Shakespeare Holiday Card | Free Download

"Health, peace, and sweet content be yours."

This is my Christmas wish for you!

I made this holiday card years ago and it is my all-time favorite. It would be a great New Year's card as well. Actually it is a perfect winter card for any occasion. All you need is one sheet of card stock. After printing, fold in half and write your own personal message inside. It helps to score the paper first for a nice crisp edge. You can also turn the page around and run it through the printer again. Cut in half (I use a paper cutter) and you will have two large postcards or gift tags. My design uses only black ink so it is very economical to print, yet it's simply stunning!

Click here for my free download. Scroll down to see design.

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Fermina said...

Thank you! I love your blog so much.

Karen@Zoe's Bag Boutique said...


Karen@Zoe's Bag Boutique said...


Gal Friday said...

What an absolutely perfect sentiment and the art is so quiet and evokes the feeling of this time of year.
I just might download this(thanks!) and create some cards because...I have been putting off doing my cards(keep thinking I'll sit down and draw something quickly, but this is not going to happen this year, I am afraid)and now it is getting to be the time I should start if I am ever going to get them out in the mail in time.