Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Charleston Single House

I'm officially in love with the design of this home in Charlotte, NC. It was built four years ago in the Charleston Single House vernacular, a 19th-century architectural style in which houses reached to the sky from a small footprint. Typically one room wide and two deep, with the narrow side facing the street. I'm mad about the gated entrance on the left side of the house that leads to a covered side porch and the "real" front door. Why haven't I ever heard of this wonderful architectural design? I even lived in South Carolina for many years in my youth.

I searched and found a firm that sells plans in case you want to build one or at least look at some floor plans. The house in the photo is featured in the Holiday 2009 issue of Traditional Home Magazine. Pick it up if you want to see more photos and read the entire article. It's not online yet, but keep looking. The wreaths in each window certainly look beautiful, don't they?

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Millie said...

Oh Rosemary - you have made my week, this stunning home has left me spellbound! And like you, my favourite feature is the gated entrance. Such beauty in design & form come along all too infrequently these days. I'm off to see if this month's TH has reached the wilds of the Adelaide Hills yet!
Millie ^_^

Gal Friday said...

Such a cozy and inviting house...on a more human scale(not TOO overly large). WE don't have house like that around here--and not many made of brick

Kathy said...

Hi Rosemary...Just the most amazing house...I just want to move in and Start decorating!!! xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

It is a charmingly beautiful home, I love it! It immediately reminded me of a gingerbread house ~ perfect for the Holiday season...and yes those wreaths are perfect!
Thank you for sharing ~ Rebecca

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

Hi Rosemary ~ I was so excited this morning, I was at a friends house and she had the magazine sitting right there!
The home is fabulous!